As AAPL’s shares tumble, NOK’s up 160% in the last 6 months

With Apple’s share price down 30% from its all time high of $705, and having tanked more than 6% in the last 2 days on rumours that the slightly lengthened iPhone 5 did not fool anyone at all, it seems a good time to reflect on Nokia’s share price, which is up 160% over the last 6 months and 180% from its all time low around the same period.

While Nokia has responded to market demands by releasing a very good high end phone and also great value mid-range and low-end handsets, Apple has continued to insist on demanding premium prices for what is in the end only a warmed over version of the same phone from 2007.

We of course are not qualified to give investment advice, and I do not hold a position in either companies myself, but at this moment I would be much happier as a Nokia share holder than an Apple one.