So far, we’ve heard many things about the performance of the upcoming Tesla Truck, i.e. it being a “better sports car than a standard Porsche 911”, as well as a “better truck than a Ford F-150 in terms of truck-like functionality”; but what about its exterior?

Back in July, when got our first sneak peek of the Tesla Pickup truck; an artist used his skills to stitch together the snippets of the truck that Elon Musk provided.

Here’s the first potential design as constructed by Justin Duel James, aka Duelji:

Artist attempt at Tesla pickup truck

Considering Musk described the EV as having a “really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner” appearance, this depiction left a lot to desire.  Our readers were, too, displeased:

If this design is anyway near what they want to do then they don’t understand truck buyers at all. That looks like a truck designed for people who follow the flavor of the month yoga and do cross-fit with their purse dogs and whose diet consists primarily of organically sourced avocado toast while sipping their grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk then the overwhelming majority of American truck purchasers..

However, it was close, but no cigar.  Elon Musk confirmed that the actual design for the Tesla pickup truck doesn’t resemble the artist’s depiction.

Cybertruck doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen bouncing around the Internet.

After hinting that the truck is closer in appearance to an “armoured personnel carrier from the future”, designer Stephen Mason got straight to work:

Lately I have been playing around with the teaser image of the cyberpunk truck that Elon sent out a while ago and came up with this. I used the image as a starting point and applied it to a similar design principle as the Tesla semi pickup render that was also teased. The layout is similar to the Mercedes Unimog in many ways with the cab forward design as well as the military wheels I added to this render to illustrate the potential off-road capabilities. I’m sure the real truck will have four doors, side mirrors and will not come with a steel bumper however this is just a fun concept I made in anticipation to the actual launch coming soon.

Check out his design below:

It’s worth noting that the design is similar to a Semi-based pickup truck drawing that Tesla shared a couple of years back:

You can also see where the previously shared mystery parts fits into it:

Elon Musk did warn us that the design won’t “be for everyone”.  What do our readers think this time around?

Source: electrek