After the release of Half-Life: Alyx, developer Valve is planning to reboot their underwhelming virtual trading card game, Anthem. 

While many assumed that Valve had taken the trading card game around back for a swift shotgunning, it appears that the company isn’t planing on abandoning its child just yet. That’s right, Artifact is more loved than I am.

Revealed through a blog post on the official Artifact Steam page, Valve revealed that players will no longer be able to buy or sell the game’s virtual cards, one of the game’s biggest bugbears.

The developer is hoping that removing monetisation of the game’s primary mechanics will lead to a more accessible environment for newcomers. However, just because card selling is out, that doesn’t mean that the developer won’t be selling anything else. There are new plans for monetisation, but they’re secret!

“We have some ideas about what we’d like to sell, but none of them are cards/packs,” Valve said.