ArkSwitch Gets A Touch Of HTC


10, 2010

Author WenWP // in News

ArkSwitch is one of the simplest, and efficient task switcher. Now this task switcher has a new look to give your HTC device a complete look. The new skin was made by a guy called Showtime7 in the attempt to improve the look, and to be, improve the visibility in the sun light.

The installation process is the easiest, and they even made a short 6 step list for you:

1. Make sure you have ArkSwitch v1.14 installed.
2. [Update 07/02/2010: QVGA tested and working, I will assume it works in VGA and WQVGA as well]Make sure your resolution is WVGA; I am not supporting other resolutions. But others may feel free to port it.
3. Download attached ZIP file.
4. Quit ArkSwitch if it is running.
5. Extract ZIP contents to ArkSwitch "Theme" folder.
6. Start up ArkSwitch. Done!

If you want to give ArkSwitch a new look, Download and follow the instruction. But if you are running a custom ROM like Energy, then do not worry, they got you cover.

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