Are You Ready for A Fun Math Challenge on Your Windows Phone?

Check out our latest app review! The name of the game is Sansu and we are happy to give it 4.5 stars: it is a fun, challenging, well-designed math board game for Windows Phone!

The Bottom Line:

Select up to five numbers to combine with any of the four basic operations (+, -, x , ÷) so that they first numbers equal the last number.


The Good:

  • Lots of customization options, levels & rewards – You can quickly set up the game sounds, minimize or maximize the game board size, and change the game’s difficulty level to Fun, Thinking, or Serious. Each level has unique features to suit the player’s ability (e.g., Fun offers hints every five seconds, Thinking offers a limited number of hints, and Serious offers no hints at all). Our favourite feature is the rewards available on Fun mode, which give extra points or time if you use difficult numbers in the problem, making the game challenging yet fun and encouraging.
  • Great implementation of Metro design – This application follows Metro design principles in a delightful way. It’s refreshing to see games implementing the Metro design, as it provides a sense of familiarity to the users and makes it easier for them to navigate thru the app, given that they are familiar with Metro design conventions.
  • Simple, clear instructions – The game is really straightforward and all the instructions are easy to understand, but in case you want to get all the details, there is a very helpful How to Play section that tells you everything you need to know.
  • Quiet ad-support – No annoying pop-ups or poorly placed advertisements that disrupt your game. The developer did a really good job at keeping the app free without sacrificing gameplay quality.

The Bad:

  • No multitasking support – The app does not tombstone properly, so if you’re in the middle of playing a game and you lock your phone, receive a call, or hit the Start screen button, you cannot pick up from where you left off and all your progress will be lost.
  • Hard-to-read text in Light theme – Very similar tones of font and background colours can make it hard to read certain texts (e.g., option names in Settings). It’s not terrible, but it would be great if the app could support the Light theme better.

The Ugly:

  • We could not find anything ugly about this delightful app. If you discover something new or something that could be improved with this app, please leave a comment and we will consider adding it to this post.

The Amazing:

  • Excellent leaderboards – The app does a very good job at showing how your scores compare with those of other players from all over the world. You can also pick any flag/country to go with your profile, so even if your current location is not your country, you can represent your country in the leaderboards.
  • All solutions available after each game – See other possible answers at the end of each game. The All Solutions page shows you all the different ways of making the correct solutions with the numbers that you were given, which can help you improve your math skills.

Make sure to download Sansu from the Windows Phone App Store today!

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