Are you a WM Power User?

MobileSpoon has put up a short quiz to separate the Windows Mobile men from the boys. Unfortunately they did not include any way to record your results. Not wanting to duplicate their idea, I have included a section for recoding your score here.

So pop over to Mobilespoon, take their 2 minute quiz, and come back and tell us how well you did. I expect at least 90% from all of you 🙂

How much did you get?
0 What does WM mean?
1-2 I can only make phone calls
3-4 Ive sent an email… once
5-6 I’ve upgraded my phone to WM6.1 using a carrier ROM
7-8 I’ve upgraded my ROM using HardSPL
9-10 – I roll my own .cab files, Newb! free polls