Are Windows Mobile users in trouble too?

textmessageofdeathOver the last day or two, news has surfaced of an exploit that can be used by hackers to take over users iPhones. We WM users have been reading and silently (or maybe not so silently) snickering, but could there be a risk for us too?

According to the hacker that discovered the exploit, Windows Mobile is at risk as well. “Miller also claims he has found a bug in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile devices that that allows complete remote control of the device. Miller discovered the bug last Monday and it’s currently un-patched by Microsoft. It’s not clear whether Miller plans to unveil full details of the Windows Mobile bug tomorrow or limited details until Microsoft has been made aware.”

From what I have seen, the iPhone exploit makes itself known via a text message containing only one square character, but there is no word on if this is the same, or a different issue. The advice for iPhone users is if you receive such a text, turn your phone off immediately before it infects others in your contact list, I would suggest WM users do the same.

Via WMExperts