Are the Angry Birds about to invade WP7?



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Angry Birds has grown into a phenomenon from its humble beginning as an iPhone game into an empire that now include toys, T shirts and even talks of a TV Show and movie. When people talk about games on smartphones, for better or worse, this game is usually mentioned. The reports of the game coming to WP7 first surfaced in October when the now famous icon appeared on the Windows phone page only to quickly taken down after the developer, Rovio, denied in a rather condescending fashion that they working on a version of the game for WP7. Then earlier this month, another tweet raised the hopes that the game would be showing up on WP7 soon. Now comes the latest tweet above that at least will give an answer one way or another whether the game will come to WP7. Angry birds day is set for December 11th so to all the people who have pining for this day, your wait is almost over. I think that the addition of  Xbox live integration with leader boards and achievements has the potential of making a “WP7 Angry Birds” version, the best iteration amongst all the platforms the game is currently available on.

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