Are OS Updates always good?

WM6.5.1Features1I have been “discussing” (read: arguing) with a friend who recently got a Nexus One the benefits and disadvantages of Windows Mobile and Android. One of the things that often crops up is OS updates. Android gets lots of updates (they’re on version 2.1 already!) but do they actually add anything

The thing is, the changes between most Android OS versions are fairly minor (the same is true for the iPhone with things like copy and paste added, which really should have been there in the first place), and the same can be said of WM6.0 to WM6.1 and WM6.5, but Windows Mobile is actively evolving.

We’ve seen lots of the WM6.5.3 goodness, with what is in essence a brand new UI, and WM7 is essentially a rewrite of the OS, which as far as I know, neither Android nor iPhone are likely to get. The frequency of updates may be less, but the substance is more.

My point is, it’s not necessarily the frequency of updates that matters, but the substance. Which would you prefer? Frequent (if unsubstantial) OS updates, or occasional significant updates? Let us know in the coments!

Oh, and Windows Mobile natively supports on device updates with full user data retention. More on that soon!

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