April Fools Recap! and What did you do?

image Well this year was definitely one of the very best April Fools year I have noticed so far, so I thought I should look at some of the great pranks. I for one had a great day… getting over 40,000 people with my great jokes. I think I should list the top five pranks that I found online today.

1) XDA Core– XDA Branded phone manufactured by HTC 😀
I have to give this number one. You might ask why I name this number one. Well I wrote it, and a lot of people fell for it. I checked out XDA’s homepage just a little before we were done with our joke, and noticed they had not done a joke, and since I write for them as a editor.. I had to do something. I talked to Flar, and 10min later I wrote about the device, and we posted it. People fell for it, and people were mad that this would not be a real device. Sorry guys, but I had to do it.

P.S how do you like that name… XDA Core. I like the name, and thought of it because XDA is the core of all WM ROMs, Apps, and more.

2) Iphone Dual booting– The Verizon Iphone that dual boots Android and MacOSX
This one was very good. I was at the verge of posting it on WMPoweruser, before I was told by Surur(who is untrickable) that its a fake and a April fools joke. I give props to the guys at Phandroid for that one, but the only problem with that is… Steve Jobs is just too danm proud to have his OS sit second behind something else on his own made phone.

3) Google becomes Topeka– Google changes its name to something weird
This one was a little surprising to me. I did not notice this until it was pointed out to me that its a joke and nothing more. This one is number 3 because a huge company like Google doing a joke is quite outstanding.

4) WMPoweruser becomes AndroidPowerUser– Windows Mobile’s best site leaves for Android
This one was also pretty weird for me, but we did it. Last night Surur IM’ed me with a plan on how to get the readers today. He wanted a day that we did all Android news and pretend that nothing happened and that we liked Android phones. To go to the next level we changed the theme to the one on my site, and added a Android based background. This joke was pretty obvious to most people, but we actually got some bitter, which was no surprise… after all the work we put into it.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. I sure did. Surur most likely did not since we had to pretend do like Android and Iphones…. Haha(I felt weird saying that.)

5) WP7S will be open sourced– MS will make WP7S a little like Android
This final one was a little emmm…. not funny but something. It was a joke that said Windows Phones 7 Series will become open sources like Android. This one was pretty good because it could be true, but had a few holes in the plot. The first problem is… MS loves money. That is all I can think of.

Well, those are the top 5 April Fools jokes that I noticed. If you have something that you think I should have included comment below and tell me. Also comment and tell us your experience on this fine prank filled day.

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