Appy Weather review: Beautiful and eventually reliable


I was looking for a good looking and reliable weather app, since Bing Weather continuously gave me wrong predictions for my location. By coincidence I have heard about appy weather on twitter (thanks Mark!) and I tested it. First I had the same issue with it as with Bing Weather, but then the developer got in touch with me and told me, the provider of the weather data knows about this issue and is working on fixing it. Since I liked the UI of the app, I thought I would give it a try.

To be able to give a fair review of the weather accuracy, not only me but also Surur, our editor-in-chief used the app for a couple of weeks. Eventually we both found the data to be very accurate. For me, the wrong predictions kept going for the first few days, but later they became very reliable. Let’s hope it stays like this.

the information provided is more than enough for the normal user. The user will get a good overview of today and the upcoming days in a sleek and easy to understand interface. Cloud cover, wind, humidity and pressure are all quickly accessible and not hid below useless graphics. The only thing needed is a tap.
The UI has three pages: Today (Now, next hour and later), the next days (today, tomorrow and next days) and next seven days. While the first two are held in a UI similar to Google’s cards UI (known from Android – that is certainly not a bad thing!) the latter is a graph. Like already said, everything is very sleek and simple and more information, like a more detailed overview or tables are only a tap away, and so is the last page. At the first glance you can only see temperature and weather situation, but with a tap more is visible. The Live Tile is nothing special and just like the on of other weather apps, so it gets its job done, which is good of course. What I found to be quite confusing however is, that you have to set the size of the tile inside the settings of the app; a simple resize of the live tile will result in not having the weather on your home screen other than just a short cut to the app

All in all the UI is very intuitive, easy to use and well thought. More than this, it is very good looking. There are no useless pictures or animations, and the minimalistic look fits better to Windows Phone than Microsoft’s own weather app Bing weather.

However, the app is entirely in English. This may not be an issue of understanding, but if one wants to have everything the same they might find this as a little minus. Also, at €2.99 the app is somewhat pricey. I do not think it is too expensive because its clearly visible the developer put hard work into it.

If you want to try out appy weather, you can find it here. It also has a time limited free trial.

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