Apps for Women



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Please don’t judge me for writing this! I had to!

About only 15% of our readers are women, which does not mean we will ignore them! First of all: Girls, don’t hide, it’s kind of cool for a woman to visit such sites, so don’t be afraid commenting on articles and so. 😉 And to proof you we are not kidding, we will present you some apps which you may like.

1st Happy Period

“Happy Period Lite accurately tracks and predicts your period cycle.  The more you use Happy Period Lite, the better it will get at predicting your cycle. Easy to use, with tons of features.”

Happy Period is a quite good looking app! It seems to have an easy UI and runs pretty smooth and fast.

2nd Womens Health

“Your one stop shop for all your favorite Women’s Health magazine RSS feeds!”

This app isn’t really animated, or super smooth, and also kind of slow, but it does what it has to and it is somehow great, I think.

3rd High Heels Height!

“The physicist Paul Stevenson wanted to answer to the following question: what is the height of the heels that Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw could wear without falling over or cramping up in pain?”

This fun app will let you calculate a height for your high heels. It looks quite nice and has a smooth UI – the usability is great!

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