Apps for men

After the great receptions about the review about women’s apps </sarcasmoff> we decided to make one for men also. So here are three apps, which men will like!

1st TopGear News

TopGear News is a great application to know everything about cars! You can see the latest news and reviews in a great looking and smooth application with a nice user experience! You can read articles and watch videos, which can also be downloaded if you wish! I personally can recommend this app to everyone who is into cars.


2nd Jack of Tools

Jack of Tools is an application which provides you a couple of tools, such as a compass or a level meter. This app is great for camping and traveling, as it also tells you the speed you have or the height. It has a nice looking and nice UI.


3rd ESPN

Well, OK, sport apps are not real men-only apps as women are interested into sports, too, but some women are also interested into cars, and at least where I live sport is still a thing more for men.

A great application for sport is ESPN. At the first start you will be asked to add your favorite sports and teams to get a quick access to the information you are really interested in. You will find all scores, news and tables of your favorite sport(s). The app has a nice looking UI and is really, really smooth. If you are interested into football, this article may be something for you.