AppoinTile – Your appointments and more

This tile-app allows you to replace the standard calendar tile with a pair of tiles designed to give you much more information about your upcoming agenda. How? By being able to outlook up to 4 upcoming appointments maximizing that precious space on your start screen filling it up with more valuable agenda information.

Main features

  • Live tiles showing up to 4 upcoming appointments
  • 42-day dynamic calendar with markers on days having activity
  • Automatic syncing with your phone calendar
  • Customizable layout both for front and back of tiles
  • Appointments filtering/hiding
  • New “Meeting assistant” centralizes all the meeting related information to be at your hand during your meeting time
  • Can add extra reminders for either before, during or after a meeting
  • Can send custom ‘arriving late’ messages to all or to just the organizer, and opt to send by SMS as well
  • Get map directions or dial numbers directly depending on the meeting location
  • Copy any meeting field to the clipboard


The price of the app is $2.49 and has a 15 day free trial period. Get more details and support at appointile