Apple’s Latest Blunder During WWDC Keynote, Comparing Windows 8 Adoption With OS X Mavericks




Apple does this again and again. They present you with some stupid stats to make you believe their message. At this year’s WWDC keynote, Tim Cook compared user adoption rate of OS X Mavericks and Windows 8. The comparison itself doesn’t make much sense as OS X Mavericks is a minor free update while Windows 8 is a major update that will require users to purchase new license.

Also, Tim pointed out that over 51% of the Mac user base has adopted Mavericks which means over 40 million users upgraded. In the same slide, he pointed out that only 14% of the Windows user base upgraded to Windows 8, which means over 140 millions users have upgraded. He made this point to developers to highlight the fact that OS X has more users on the latest version, but as per his stats developers should target over 140 million Windows 8 users instead of much less in number OS X users.

Image Credit: Engadget

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