Apple brought Touch ID to its Macs years ago as a way to allow users to authenticate their devices for Apple Pay and general security, now the firm may be working on adding Face ID to its repertoire.

A new patent filed in the US Patent Office describes functionality that sounds similar to how Face ID currently works on mobile devices, albeit now applied to laptops.

The device determines if the object is a person, the device determines a position of the person relative to the computing device and executes a change of state in the computing device based on the position of the person relative to the computing device“,  The patent read. In other words, a device that scans nearby objects identifies if they’re people, and then reacts in response to that.

There haven’t been any rumours (Credible or otherwise), that relate to the Apple Face ID on a Macbook just yet, so this may not be something that Apple is testing for the near future. Perhaps in 2021 or 2022, then we may start seeing Face ID enabled laptops.

Source: US Patent Office, Via: Digital Trends