In September Apple leaker Jon Prosser revealed that Apple is working on Airpods branded over-the-ear headphones called Airpods Studio.

The devices were however nowhere to be found at Apple’s event yesterday, but in an update Jon revealed that the headphones has been significantly delayed.

According to Jon Apple has run into production issues, and had to cut some features.

The Bluetooth headphones are supposed to be USB-C powered, have magnetic cups, are reversible and will automatically detect whether they are on your left or right, and will be constructed from high-end materials like metal and leather.

Jon did not reveal which features made it to the cutting floor but said the headphones may now arrive around the November to December time frame but could be delayed all the way to March 2021.

Another rumoured device which did not make the announcement yesterday were Apple’s Airtags’ their Tile-like trackers which used their mesh location network.

They are meant to wait till Apple release iOS 14.3, sometime in November, though exactly when is unclear.