Apple’s 2020 iPhones might debut with 5G support


3, 2018

Most modern phones now — thankfully– ship with gG LTE support, which is no longer the novelty it used to be years ago.

Now, Apple might be getting set to launch the next stage of this technology into the limelight in just under two years from now.

A report from Fast Company cites “a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans”, indicating that the Cupertino based firm plans to use Intel’s 5G modems in their 2020 iPhones. Intel has been working on its 816 modem which supports 5G, and Apple reportedly plans to fit those into its smartphones.

Apple won’t be the only one launching 5G capable smartphones, but it may well be the most visible. Other entrants into this market include Motorola with its 5G mod, Huawei, Oppo and Ziaomi among others.

Of course, just because your smartphone ships with 5G doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it just yet. The technology has not been rolled out in many places, which will be its status quo for the next year as well. If 4G taught us any lessons; it’d be expensive on the consumer at first before eventually being the norm while cell carriers work on 6G or whatever comes next.

Source: Fast Company via The Verge

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