France has just done a favour for consumers worldwide by forcing companies to disclose the repairability score of their electronics.

Their new law covers smartphones, laptops, TVs, washing machines and lawnmowers, and devices are rated on elements such as how easily a device can be disassembled and the availability of repair manuals and spare parts.

Apple has already complied and posted scores for the iPhones and Macs.

apple repairability

Current generation iPhones score 6, while earlier devices score around 4.5-4.6, apparently because newer iPhones are easier to disassemble.

France hopes the scores will pressure companies to make their device more repairable, and increase the percentage of electronics repaired from only 40% currently to 60% by 2030.

The new law will come into full force in 2022, when companies will be fined for not complying.

One of the early successes was Samsung posting a repair manual online to increase their repairability score, meaning 3rd party phone repair stores will have an easier time repairing their devices.

via the verge