According to Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, Apple is reading a new 27-inch iMac for a release in the first quarter of 2022.

Although Young has no information about the exact release date, he does give us some key details about the specs of the upcoming iMac. As Young confirmed to MacRumors, the 27-inch iMac will feature mini-LED backlighting. It’ll have a Promotion display and will have a dynamic screen refresh rate, ranging from 24 Hz to 120 Hz.

Ross Young also speculates that Apple may also release an external monitor with similar features. In fact, he initially confused the updated iMac with the external monitor, but he later issued a clarification stating that the 27-inch mini-LED display was for the former and not the latter.

Assuming what Young is claiming is true, the inclusion of a high refresh display will take the new iMac on par with the high refresh rate screens of iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, both of which feature a 120 Hz screen refresh rate. Unfortunately, We don’t know anything beyond some aspects of the display of the new iMac, so key details such as display resolutions, processor, RAM remain unknown.

We’re expecting to get more information about the new iMac as we move closer to the launch date. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted about all the latest leaks related to the new iMac, so stay tuned.