Apple Podcasts likely the next Apple app in the Microsoft Store

We reported a few weeks ago that Apple may be looking to bring their Apple Music and Podcasts apps to the Microsoft Store, after the company hired engineers for this task.

Reportedly the apps were already in private beta in the Store, though it is not clear of the apps are for the PC or the Xbox, like the Apple TV app.

Now ALumia, who frequently has an early view into these private apps in the store, is teasing the arrival of the Apple Podcasts app there.

Given that the current iTunes app for Windows 10 is a completely legacy app, discontinued on the Mac, and that the desktop is resurgent, it makes sense to make a dedicated client for the Windows 10 also. It also helps that Apple is starting to sell paid podcasts, making cross-platform access helpful.

The apps could still, however, only be intended for the Xbox. At present, a normal search of the Store does not reveal any new Apple apps yet.

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via Alumia

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