Apple plans to open its physical store in South Korea tomorrow


17, 2020

Author Anmol // in Apple

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to shut down stores worldwide to protect both customers and employees from accidentally catching the infection. Back in March, Apple decided to close down all its stores for 14-days and later announced that it will be extending the closure indefinitely. However, multiple reports have claimed that the company could be re-opening the stores in mid-April or May.

Today Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to re-open its physical store in South Korea tomorrow. In a statement, the company said that “South Korea has shown great progress during the spread of COVID-19″ and shared its plan to open the store in South Korea on 18th April.

A focus for the store will be service and support at the Genius Bar. For customers who want to make a purchase, we have several options including ordering online for delivery or pick up in store.

– Apple

Apple has hinted on multiple occasions that the company plans to open some of its stores by mid-April. However, the company has no intention of opening stores in the USA at this point.

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