Apple has been shifting to services ever since iPhones plateaued in sales. The firm this year launched a game streaming service with Apple Arcade and has also launched a media streaming service with Apple TV + to accompany that.

Despite that shift to services, it still helps to have a flagship device to showcase these services on. Apple is now rumoured to be releasing an update to its Apple TV running on the A12 hardware platform. The A12 Bionic is the chip that powers Apple’s newest iPhones, the A12X Bionic powers its iPads. Both are powerful chips and should be able to run one of Apple’s TVs smoothly.

Apple is hosting an event next week to launch the new iPhones and possibly an iPad or two. If the firm were to launch an Apple TV upgrade, that would be the perfect place to tell that story and continue building the narrative of the connected Apple ecosystem.

Via: The Verge