Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPad



Foldables haven’t exactly had the best start, but that isn’t stopping Apple from fiddling with it if a new report is to be believed.

The firm is deloping testing out a foldable of its own, an iPad instead of an iPhone. This one would be almost laptop-sized in terms of screen, and it is not clear whether the foldable aspect would enable the deice to become a pseudo-laptop or an iPad Mini style device. The analyst claims that it would have 5G, a basic requirement for what would need to be a futuristic device. It would probably also run iPad OS, Apple’s OS optimised for larger touch devices.

Rumours about foldable devices fro firms like Microsoft and Apple aren’t new, but such devices have yet to ship. Even Huawei and Samsung who did announce their own devices are letting things slip as hardware revisions work to make the devices actually practical to use outside of tech-demos. With Apple notorious for holding off devices until it gets its hardware right, it is unlikely we’ll see this mythical folding iPad anytime soon.

Of course, this is a rumour from a supply chain analyst so take it with a shaker of salt as you would all rumours.

Source: Economic Daily News (Chinese language)Via: 9to5Mac

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