Apple holds up Nokia as example of a non-copycat smartphone


The trial between Apple and Samsung is drawing to a close, and as part of their summing up evidence Apple’s lawyers made the point that, unlike with Samsung’s smartphones, not every phone had to copy the iPhone’s look and feel.

Holding up a Nokia Lumia, their defence said:

"Not every smartphone needs to look like an iPhone."

The statement refers as much to the physical design of the handset as the OS it contains, as following slides demonstrate.

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Of course we have learned from the trial that Microsoft has a technology sharing agreement which specifically prohibits it from copying the look and feel of iOS,  and while Microsoft has done great work with Windows Phone, it is also true that Samsung has profited handsomely from emulating the richest company in history.

We will have to see until after deliberations if it will be a case of thieves never prospering or if Samsung will get away scot-free, but at least Nokia can sleep soundly knowing they are forging their own way.

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