Apple has finally caved in and allowed Valve’s Steam Link app to appear on the App Store.

After a year of rejections, Valve’s Steam Link app is finally coming to iOS platforms. With the Android and Raspberry Pi versions performing and doing well, it was only a matter of time before Apple caved in.

For the unaware, the Valve software is a streaming application that allows users to play their PC games on mobile or less powerful machines. Hell, even my smart TV has a Steam Link app! It’s available on most devices and it works quite well. For those with less powerful portable hardware, like the GPD Win 2, it’s great for playing higher fidelity games over the internet.

Unlike other streaming services like PlayStation Now or Google Stadia, Valve’s alternative does require local hardware. Just like PlayStation’s remote play on Vita, you’ll need your powerful rig to play the game while you stream it to lower-power hardware. It has its uses, but not as many as the upcoming xCloud or Stadia.

With Valve’s dedicated Steam Link hardware now officially dead, it’s up to this virtual equivalent to pick up the slack.

Source: NeoWin