AppFlow Update Adds International Marketplaces Support

January 13, 2012

AppFlow – the most pouplar third party WP7 Marketplace browser – has just gotten a great deal better. Until now, all the apps in the lists – e.g. in New & Impressive, Forgotten Legends, Highest Rated – were specific to rankings and popularity in the US Marketplace. The AppFlow team has had lots of feedback from people outside of the US asking for this to be changed – and so they did. The latest update now supports all 36 Marketplacess, meaning you’ll see and be able to discover even more relevant apps – regardless of which Marketplace region you are in.

The update means that almost all lists are different for each Marketplace and show apps relevant and popular in that region. App rating charts and app statistics are also region specific and app descriptions are shown in the selected language if the app supports it. Switching between Marketplace regions can be done within the app so the update makes it pretty easy to discover what’s trending on the different Marketplaces.

You can grab AppFlow from the Marketplace here.

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