AppDeals : Get great deals! Plus we offer to 5 developers to have their app featured for FREE in February!

2 of 4AppDeals was launched one month ago and we can already say it’s a big success. We want to thank all Windows Phone users and developers that are more and more every day to use AppDeals app, making it one of Windows Phone must have app today for users that want to be informed about selected or exclusive deals and get paid apps for less or for FREE!

For its 1st month anniversary, AppDeals app offers the opportunity to 5 developers to have one Windows Phone app featured for FREE on AppDeals.

Those developers will be chosen in February among the first 100 developers than SUBMIT THEIR WINDOWS PHONE App on our new AppDeals web site!

With the number of AppDeals users growing up fast, we will be able to provide users with more and more exclusive deals. So don’t hesitate to tell your friends about this app and hopefuly you will discover some great apps you’ll love and use!

At Ahead Solutions we want to build up great mobile services. AppDeals is one of them. We will be happy to welcome Windows Phone developers that care about their apps and either want to publish news or propose a deal to Windows Phone users like Utlimate Poker Manager, MyThings Pro, AlcooloTest, GeoMemory, Measure Note, Intrusion Alarm, AlterEgo and many more already did…

Don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime you need it.
AppDeals is a unique service that now helps users and developers!

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