App Review: World Radio Free

If you listen to internet radio streams frequently, there are a number of things to consider when deciding which internet radio app to download. World Radio Free delivers on most of these, but ultimately does have some letdowns.

World Radio Free is ad-supported, but the ads are very unintrusive and don’t even show up on most pages, which is fantastic! The app also has a good selection of channels for a bunch of different countries; and more importantly, the developer is committed to improving the app. If you find that the app is lacking a station you want, you can quickly request the station within the app, and the developer will work on adding it. Also, the developer will update the app to support Mango’s background music streaming once Mango is released!

The interface is pretty fluid, but it can be a little choppy at times like most data intensive apps on WP7 sometimes are. The quality of the audio streams is usually pretty good, but when you’re on 3G, the app seems to lag and loop when playing higher quality stations, making it impossible to listen to them. Other radio apps had no problem playing the same stations over 3G, so the issue must lie in the app itself, not the data connection.

Another feature to look for in radio apps is the ability to search. In World Radio Free, you can search for states, cities, genres, or names, and all the results will appear as they should.

One other disappointment about World Radio Free is that it doesn’t tell you the name of the song playing. Also, the volume is a little quiet even with the volume slider turned to max.

Overall, World Radio Free is a decent online radio choice with unintrusive advertising, but it could use some improvements in streaming higher bit rates and displaying song info. Nevertheless, the developer seems committed to improving the app, which is always very important!

You can find World Radio Free in the Marketplace for FREE.