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26, 2014

WP App Review: Video Memories (

If you ever wanted to create slideshows from your pictures, set to music, then Video Memories is the FREE app for you.

Video Memories lets you select the song of your choice (from your own collection of songs), pick a set of pictures from your collection, and then arrange the photos into a video slideshow. You can manually set the transitions between photos if desired, and you can set filters on photos.

You can even add text over photos, to help tell your story. And to put the finishing touch on your slideshow, you can pick a background frame to give the slideshow a fitting theme.

Overall, the app works as intended, and lets you save your slideshow to your phone or upload it to YouTube. However, the frame rate of the transitions between photos is quite poor. Animations that slide, rotate, or zoom look quite disappointing thanks to the low frame rate of the transitions.

Nevertheless, if you want to create slideshows as a more unique way to share your photos with your friends, check out Video Memories in the Store today.

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