App Review: SoMee (like Instagram)

WP7 App Review: SoMee (like Instagram) (

SoMee is a free/$1.99 Windows Phone app that lets you apply filters to your images and then upload them to Facebook/Twitter and track the Facebook likes/comments on each picture.

With SoMee, you can select a picture from your device’s storage or take a new picture and then apply a wide variety of effects to your pictures. You can truly create some impressive shots with this app. The effects are applied instantly, and the thumbnails previewing the effects are actually displayed over your current image, which is excellent! You can also adjust a slider to change the intensity of the effect.

Once you’ve perfected your picture, you can share it to Facebook and Twitter. The integration with Facebook is really awesome… the app will actually track each of your photo’s comments and likes, so you can instantly see how popular the various images you uploaded were! It unfortunately doesn’t track Twitter replies though.

There are a few negatives: You currently have to crop your pictures into a square aspect ratio (the developer will be changing that), and there is no pinch-to-zoom when viewing your created images. The app also doesn’t have a live tile. Nevertheless it’s an app worth checking out if you haven’t found a great picture enhancer yet!

Download SoMee in the Marketplace for FREE or $1.99.QRCode