App Review: Optical Illusions Free

If you love visual mind tricks, Optical Illusions Free will be a fun free app for you to download. Optical Illusions Free (and the $0.99 paid version, Optical Illusions) serves up 31 different optical illusions. These illusions make you think circles are spinning, things are shrinking, and objects are moving, when they actually are just still pictures. The interface is nice and fluid, and beats navigating through a website to find optical illusions.

However, 31 illusions aren’t that many, and there are only a few very impressive ones found in the application. The illusion where it is actually animated and moving is a good use of the application, but there’s only two of those animated illusions, when there could be plenty more. Basically, the app’s a lot of fun to look at for the first time, but after that you’ll be quite bored. Yet, this app is free, so you’re not really at a loss from downloading it. The program is a great way to kill 20 minutes and entertain the visual part of your brain. Headaches may be a side effect of this app!


Title: Optical Illusions Free
Price: FREE
Publisher: KKIA Software Expressions