App Review: My Study Life

If you’re looking for a digital school planner, My Study Life is basically the only good option on Windows Phone right now.

Whether you’re going to college, or even high school, a planner is a very important tool to your success. When I set out to find the best planner app on WP7, this was my final result. The app costs $0.99, and does almost everything you need. You first start setting up the app by adding your classes, so that it can show you what time and room they are if you ever forget. Once you have all your classes programmed in, you can finally start using the app. On the “Today” panel of the app, it shows you which classes you have left for that day, and some select upcoming homework assignments. There’s also a timetable that shows every class for the whole week, complete with room numbers. Then, you have the “Tasks” panel, where you can add homework assignments just like a typical To-Do list. The Tasks allow you to quickly choose which class the assignment is from, and set the due date using the WP7 date-selector interface. The Tasks are displayed by which is due first, so it’s quite easy to filter through your assignments. Finally, there’s a “Exams” page, where you can add an upcoming exam for a class so you remember when and what time the exam is at.

Unfortunately, the app could use a few improvements, and may not be enough to completely replace a paper planner just yet. One downside is that the app doesn’t have tombstoning, so when you resume the app, it always returns to the homescreen. Another needed improvement is an ability to filter your tasks for certain classes. And it also would be helpful if the app had a full month calendar view, since it is tough to tell which date is next week when adding assignments to your Tasks.

For now, this is the best planner you can get on WP7, but it could definitely use some improvements, and if the developer doesn’t update his app, someone else could beat him to making a better one!


Title: My Study Life
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Virblue