App-Review: MeTweets

Windows Phone is well known for its social networking integration. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already linked into the OS and there is no app needed to know, what your friends are doing.

However, for less basic stuff the simple integration just is not enough and you won’t get around downloading an app. For twitter there are many apps available in the Windows Phone Store, not only the official app, but also many 3rd party apps.

I tested many twitter apps; the official one and many others as well. While the official app was not bad (it really wasn’t), it was just too basic. You can do everything twitter supports, but it just isn’t personal enough (for me) and it does not get beyond the twitter features.

After I tried many 3rd party apps I finally kept using MeTweets. The app may be not completely perfect, and I miss one little feature other apps offered, but I found the app just to be the best twitter client so far. Why? Find out in this review…

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Right from the beginning you will be pleasantly surprised: the app opens immediately and everything loads fast. Normally the start screen contains three pages (timeline, mentions and direct messages), but you can add or remove pages and create a more personal experience this way. However, you can’t only personalize your start screen but also many other sections inside the app. You can also set the tile color, text size, what happens when you double tap on a post and also an orientation lock.

The UI is very clean and simple and fits seamlessly into the design language of Windows Phone and even the three tile sizes and HD screens are supported. Swiping through the app works smoothly and fast, however there’s a little delay sometimes when showing my retweeted tweets.

When you tap on a tweet you will get a pop up menu first with five options: Reply, retweet, star, open link (if there is one) and view. The last point shows a detailed view of the tweet containing retweets and the conversation. Like I said, you can set what you want to happen when you double tap a post. Available options are all the five options above.

A very nice feature is the option to set a time for a tweet. You want your tweet to be published in two hours when you are not at home? No problem, just set a schedule and you are done.

Basically that’s it: The app is very simplistic but with many features. It does not only support Windows Phone 8 and HD resolutions but is also available in German (and other languages probably as well). However, there are two little things I find a little bit disturbing:

When you are in the detailed view of a tweet you can see how many retweets a post has, but there is no possibility to see who retweeted it


so far there is no support for tweet marker (however, the developer told me it is on the to-do list).

MeTweets has a free trial version, but if you like the app and want to support the developer you can buy it for cheap 1.49€. I think the app is totally worth the price. Get the app here.

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