App Review: Hipstamatic Oggl

WP App Review: Hipstamatic Oggl (

Hipstamatic Oggl is one of the few apps still able to upload pictures to Instagram after the recent API changes. Is it worth downloading?

Put bluntly, Hipstamatic should be avoided if at all possible. There are so many flaws in the app that it’s not even worth the price of free.

The main flaw is that you can’t even select an existing picture to apply filters to and upload!! Who actually wants to open an app just to take a picture? Nearly no one. The developers of the app somehow overlooked this critical feature.

Another flaw that makes the app nearly unusable is the lack of live previews of filters. When taking pictures, you don’t even get a live preview of what your shot will look like. You select a filter, but it changes nothing, making it seem like it’s not working. Then when you take the picture, it’s magically black and white, because apparently you had that filter selected. Who would have known!

And when changing filters on pictures that were already taken, you don’t even get live previews of the filters. You have to wait a second or two for the filter to load. In any other app, you can instantly see what 5+ filters look like since they QRCodeare applied to thumbnails of the picture.

Finally, the app doesn’t provide a way to find any of your current friends. Hipstamatic has a social aspect, but without being able to detect who also has the app via your Facebook friends, you’re left with a very empty social network. And the user interface in the app can be plain confusing at times.

Overall, Hipstamatic isn’t worth anyone’s time. It has severe problems that limit it from being functional.