App Review: CardMobili

CardMobili is an incredible little app that allows you to digitize all of your reward cars from various stores like Best Buy, Ace Hardware, PepBoys, and more! And it’s FREE in the Marketplace!

Maybe you’ve seen this app before, but I haven’t and it really impressed me. The app uses such a simple yet brilliant idea: Take all of your rewards cards, type their name and barcode into your phone, and then have the cashier scan your phone instead of a huge keychain full of cards. All you have to do to add a card is search for the card, type in your own card’s barcode, and then save it! Now your cards are super easy to find and don’t take up any more space in your wallet.

One annoying thing about the app is that it suggests to share everything on Facebook; however, you can go to the app’s settings and disable that feature if you wish, and the problem is gone.

If you don’t already know about this app, you should download it in the Marketplace for FREE and join the 21st century of digital barcodes!