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Amazing Weather is a very special weather application: It not only shows you the weather forecast, but also a animation, reminiscent of the great show HTC Sense used to put on on their Windows Mobile handsets.

Immediately when you open the app you will be confronted with the animation and also details about the latest weather forecast.

You can see  data such as humidity or pressure, and below that you have a weekly view in which you see basic information (will it rain? and such things). When you pick a day you get more detailed information.  In fact there is more detailed weather information available all over the app, which is certainly better than just saying whether it is sunny or not.

Below the weekly view you have four other options. One of these is ‘hourly view’. This one is also very detailed and animated. The other ones are ‘alerts’, ‘radar’ and ‘change tile’.

I have been using ‘Amazing Weather’ for about two months and I have to say that the forecast has always been accurate. The best feature is that the forecast updates hourly, which means you can be sure you have the actual weather on your home screen.

There are some criticisms:  When switching between cities I noticed the display sometimes some lags. This could be improved, but in the initial release of the app it was much worse and after some updates it is now acceptable – even when not buttery smooth as we expect on Windows Phone.

In addition the ‘radar’ view does not show information, no matter which region I chose. Maybe I am just choosing the wrong places, but I don’t think so.

Despite these niggles the app remains a recommended buy.

Amazing Weather‘ costs € 1.49 but has also a Lite version. Both can be found in the Marketplace.

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