App Review: 9GAG by Rudy Huyn

9GAG – one of the most popular sites in the whole World Wide Web. Especially young people like it very much because of its funny content, but surprisingly many older people and children are a fans of the site.

There are many 9GAG Apps in the marketplace, and while most are not really useable, one app in particular is made very well and beats many 9GAG readers even on Android and iOS.

This app is called 9GAG – as is almost every other 9GAG app in the marketplace. The 9GAG’s start screen is like the one of Windows Phone 7: You have 2 tiles in a row, every tile for a different category. You can choose from

  • Hot Page
  • Trending Page
  • Vote Page
  • Top 24h
  • Top 7 days
  • Top 30 days


  • Top All Time

When you swipe from the right hand side to the left you will get a list view which looks very similar to the app list on your Windows Phone. If you signed up to your 9GAG account you will be able to look at your likes and uploads as well as to upload a post. Here you will also find the settings.

When you finally chose a category you will  see the newest post. Swipes to the left or right will get you the next/previous post, a swipe down the possibility to see the amount of likes and comments as well as the possibility to like or dislike a post and a swipe up will give you the option of bookmarking a post. In the pop up menu you will also find the option to download a post.

Other very practically things are the integration into the pictures hub of your Windows Phone device, which allows you to get a quick access to the application, and the possibility to disable the screen orientation.

Now you would expect me to criticize something, but I am happy to say that there is nothing to criticize. This application is a perfect 9GAG app without any disadvantages. You can pin almost everything to your start screen, it is easy to use, it looks great and it has a lite version.

If I had to say something negative, it is the little lag which appears when switching to the list view on the home screen, but even this is not very bad and does not make the app worse in any case.

The full version of 9GAG costs € 0.99. The lite version, which has the same features but also ads, is free.

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