App review: 10 min Rezepte by Malte Götz


Some of you may already now him: Malte Götz. With over 2,000 followers on Twitter he is a not unpopular Windows 8 and Windows Phone developer. For Windows Phone he only published one application so far, but it is already clear: He really has the potential to become the next Rudy Huyn!

The German app is made for those among us without much time and money, mostly students. That is why it is called 10 minutes recipes – it is meant to give you ideas for what you can cook without needing to invest much time, and it does that in a wonderfully designed, simply beautiful interface, so let’s start with this first.

The first thing you will notice is it opens very quickly. Not even one second passes until the app is ready. All in all the application is very fast. Everything loads quickly and without delays (though since the recipes need to be downloaded that part does depend on your internet connection).

The next thing is the interface. It – basically – is simply as you expect a Windows Phone app to look. It perfectly adopts Windows Phone’s design language and looks like it was made by Microsoft themselves (at least how they should make it), but the developer’s attention to detail make the app one of the most beautiful I ever used. It is not only the chosen colors which make the app look simply great and fun to use, but also the animations. When you swipe through the UI a little cook appears on the bottom of the screen, when you open a category the separate recipes fade out from the top of the screen to the bottom. There is nothing that is not animated, but the animations are never too much or even disturbing. They look nice, are not too extravagant and adopt the app’s design.

Of course besides design the functionality is also – if not more – important, and here the application does not need to hide as well. It sports the basic functionality an app like this needs, which means you can see which ingredients you need (you can also calculate how much for your desired amount of portions) and add them to the shopping list, but that is not everything. You can also see and add comments to a recipe and let TellMe read the recipe out loudly, which comes in very handy when you are cooking it.

Unfortunately there are not very many recipes available yet, but that is not the developer’s fault. The app stands and falls with the people who are using it since the community is meant to upload recipes. That is why you should download it now and try out and add, because it really has potential, just like the developer.

Even without very much content, I can already recommend the application. You can find it here for free (German only).

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