App Hub chaos continues, now apps are disappearing, support ticket system broken

We reported a few days ago on the rocky start to App Hub, the updated Windows Phone 7 developer portal.

It seems issues has continued to escalate, with applications disappearing from marketplace, and developers being unable to publish applications also.

To add insult to injury the support ticketing system itself appears to be losing most of the support requests being sent to it, leaving developers largely in the dark.

One writes:

Also, my application has disapeared from the marketplace, along with other issues

– Unable to publish app
– App stuck in ready to publish
– Apps missing from marketplace
– Error when trying to submit a ticket
– 4 days since submitting ticket and no response
– Multiple errors all over app hub
– Unable to delete ” Ready to submit ” app, so unable to update.
– The list goes on…

Come on microsoft , This really is getting out of control… The system just doesn’t work, I have been unable to update or submit new apps since the new ” App Hub”

Just responding to every issue with ” please submit a ticket” is getting a little tiresome.

If this carries on much longer, myself and many other dev’s will head back over to Droid and Iphone OS.

How about a decent update on the known issues, along with resolution timeframes and work arounds.. It should be pretty simple.

With developers threatening to decamp to other platforms some App Hub support staff and App Hub developers have responded to the complaints, noting that they are aware of the issues and are trying to fix it.

Raffaele Limosani from Microsoft Support has responded, saying:

Re: My app is gone from Marketplace

Hi all, I’d like to re-inforce 2 messages:

1. about the problem we’re discussing in this thread (“My app is gone from Marketplace”)
As already stated by PalB, who is one of the App Hub Developers who exceptionally is helping on forums after the rollout of the new server “Sorry for the inconvenience. We have identified the issue and working on the fix for it. We are trying our best to resolve it within this week. Unfortunately we do not have any workaround as of now. We will update you soon“. Hope the Community is appreciating Devs directly discussing with ISVs. So, the issue has been identified and devs are working on it. If you want to verify that on a personal-basys you can open a support-ticket. Or, per the following point, contact support via mail

2. opening support-tickets via the e-form in the Dashboard is not working as expected after the new server rollout (and also this problem is under investigation). So, as mentioned by Jo above, in the meantime, and please be sure to include:
– Windows Live ID of your App Hub account
– Publisher name
– App name
– App GUID
– Issue details

Hope this shed some light and reassures the ones affected by the problem.

Thanks again for your patience.

Of course it is clear that the support staff are working as hard as possible to fix the issues, but the real question on most developers lips (except of course for the money they lost from having their app disappear from Marketplace) is how all these issues slipped through Microsoft testing, and of course when it will all work again.
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