It turns out that the latest patch for Apex Legends has caused more issues than it’s fixed.

Patch v1.1 was released earlier today and had some cool new features such as anti-cheat features and the ability to reconnect with the squad from your latest match. Sadly, it also included another feature – a complete reset of hundreds of users’ accounts.

The accounts were set back to level 1 with all currency, skins, and other items removed and, curiously nough, any Battle Passes completely refunded.

On Reddit, Respawn noted that they’re aware of the issue and they apologise. For now, the Apex Legends servers have been taken offline as Respawn look into the issue.

They also recommend that you don’t buy or craft anything in the meantime.

To be entirely safe, we here at MSPoweruser just recommend not logging in at all until the issue is resolved. It can be assumed that Respawn will find a way of fixing this bug and restoring all accounts to their rightful status but, for now, it might just be best to steer clear.

On the bright side, the reconnecting-with-your-last-squad feature seems like a cool one. After a battle, you now have the opportunity to invite the people you just played with to go for another round.

There’s no ETA currently available for any sort of fix for the account reset bug, so you’ll just have to sit tight for now.

Sources: Respawn on Reddit and Twitter.