Apex Legends’ Season 11 has been revealed

October 22, 2021
Apex Legends Ash Escape

After recently revealing that Titanfall 2’s Ash would be joining the roster of Legends, Respawn Entertainment has officially unveiled Apex Legend’s Season 11 with a new cinematic trailer

Launching on November 2nd, Apex Legends’ 11th season, titled Escape, will usher in a new island jungle map, a new weapon, and a new vicious champion to play as, the simulacrum Ash. 

Alongside the addition of the C.A.R SMG, also from Titanfall 2, Apex Legends players will have more than just each other to contend with on the new vibrant island map, as it’s bustling with dangerous fauna that’ll keep you on your toes as you explore and work to become the Apex Champion.

Throughout the trailer, we’re given a glimpse at the abilities of the new Legend for Season 11, Ash, which seem to revolve around her sword and data knife. While the full details of their abilities have yet to be revealed, it appears that Ash can slice and dice with the best of them, cutting monsters in twain with ease and even cutting a hole in the fabric of reality to create wormholes. 

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More information about Apex Legends’ Season 11 is due to be revealed in just a few days on the 25th of October 2021, when Respawn Entertainment debuts gameplay from the upcoming season.

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