Apex Legends Legacy has a gameplay trailer ahead of its May 4th launch, showing off new the new arena mode, new legend, and the new Bocek bow. 

The headline feature of the update is the new 3v3 arenas mode. In this mode, teams will compete on custom made maps for the permanent game mode. 

Rather than picking up guns from weapons as you do in usual Apex Legends gameplay, you purchase and upgrade guns using materials as currency from a store at the start of each round.

There is still the occasional drop pod, once per round, which will give better weapons each round, so there are still objectives to have you out of hiding and fighting towards.

“Each arena has its own personality and acts as an optimal combat testing ground “ the Synthenoid from the previous cinematic trailer announces, who will be running the new arena games. 

Also revealed in this trailer is gameplay for the new Legend Valkyrie, with her VOTL jetpack, cluster missile activated ability, and ‘Skyward’ ultimate that brings her teammates soaring into the skies. 

On top of all this, it looks like there might be more than just other legends to contend within the main Apex Games with hints at NPC security squadrons, and potentially something much worse.