Apart From Former Nokia Employees, Microsoft’s Operating System Group Is Affected By Layoffs Immediately

Apart from the 12,500 former Nokia employees who will leave Microsoft,  another 5,500 Microsoft employees will also be shown the door. As per the sources of Mary Jo Foley, every other team from legal to Xbox is affected by this move. It is also reported that the newly formed Operating Systems Group which is responsible for the development of Windows will be affected immediately. Also, Terry Myerson is now shaking up the functional structure of Windows team which was program management/development/software testing structure since Sinofsky’s days.

Under the new structure, a number of Windows engineers, primarily dedicated testers, will no longer be needed. (I don’t know exactly how many testers will be layed off, but hearing it could be a “good chunk,” from sources close to the company.) Instead, program managers and development engineers will be taking on new responsibilities, such as testing hypotheses. The goal is to make the OS team work more like lean startups than a more regimented and plodding one adhering two- to three-year planning, development, testing cycles.

Also, there are some changes in sales, marketing and services (SMSG) employees group led by Kevin Turner. At the end of all these plans, Microsoft is making its organization more flatter and more agile.

Source: ZDNet