There are 1800 retro games on Xbox, more will come

July 25, 2023
anstream arcade xbox

Last week, Microsoft announced the release of Anstream Arcade on Xbox. Over 1800 old arcade games found their home on the Xbox consoles.

However, it seems that more old games might be coming to the Xbox, after all. After the recent success against FTC, Microsoft is now closer to closing the deal with Activision Blizzard.

And following the win on FTC, the Redmond-based tech giant fixed old Call of Duty games matchmaking servers, effectively reviving the old games. In the following days, the original Call of Duty games became the top-selling games on Xbox Store, and Xbox X consoles were sold out.

Now, it seems that this trend will continue. After releasing Anstream Arcade, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox,  has talked to the Antstream Studio Head Mike Rouse and he said for the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, that Phil Spencer loves games preservation.

“I got in contact with Phil Spencer, and we had a meeting with him, and he loves games preservation – he talks about it a lot, but when you see him and you’re one-to-one and you’re talking about it, he’s extremely passionate about it. He essentially gave us the go-ahead to get it working on Xbox, and so we’ve spent the last year getting our tech in place and optimising the code so that it can run on Xbox. And without the support of Phil and his team, it may never have come over.”

This means that more old games are coming to Xbox soon. The console has already fixed the original Gears of War servers as well. And recently, Shadowrun, another Xbox classic, was brought back. So it seems we’ll some more old games hitting the console soon.

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