Another Toshiba TG01 review


24, 2009

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Coolsmartphone has published their full review of the TG01, and suffice to say they are not very happy.

Their conclusion was:

Everything good about this phone comes from third-party apps and the hardware Toshiba have on tap. The homescreen is good, CorePlayer is great, the Orange Maps system is great, the PhotoBase application is great. The hardware is fantastic too, but Windows Mobile 6.1 feels old now and it’s just not covered up enough. The experience ends up being a little disjointed and I kinda wish that 6.5 was on-board with perhaps a Toshiba GUI which soaks itself into the OS deeper. The phone spec is simply excellent, but a great spec and a delivery to market isn’t everything.

What gets me is that this phone and this entire review would be so different if I’d put an illegal ROM onto it from the likes of The 6.1 OS just pops it’s head into things too much and the out-of-box experience isn’t great. The tilt sensor should be disabled or have it’s sensitivity adjusted, the OS should be hidden more or updated and there should be some real call / drop keys on the front – if only so I can tell which way up the phone should go. After a few minutes you can suddenly make this phone much better. The addition of the PointUI interface for example will make this seem like a completely different phone.

The Toshiba TG01 is a thin handset with a gorgeous screen, lightening performance, excellent specs but suffers from a strange button implementation and an ageing OS which isn’t buried down far enough.

Read the full review, with another video and many photos and screenshots here.

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