Another Sign Of Metro UI’s Appeal: Kid Chooses Windows Phone Over iPhone

Focus Flash

WPCentral reported on a blog post written by Christina Tynan-Wood, in which she describes how her son, who originally wanted an iPhone, eventually came to prefer a Windows Phone, the Samsung Focus Flash (pictured right).

That the boy took such a liking to Windows Phone to even overcome the peer pressure, since most of his friends had iPhones, really speaks to the appeal of Metro UI – its quality, simplicity and approachability. Despite being anecdotal evidence at best, this is certainly a very encouraging sign for Microsoft – if people get to really experience Windows Phone, with its beautiful and immersive user interface, they’ll mostly like it.

That is, if.

In her post, Tynan-Wood wrote this:

I had given up — years ago — on seeing a Windows mobile operating system that I would want to live with. I’d been hearing good things about the new Windows mobile but wasn’t really buying in.

The fact that she still calls it Windows Mobile, to the point where she thinks of the “Mobile” as a descriptor rather than part of the brand name (by not capitalizing it), is a clear indication that Windows Phone severly lacks awareness. And, most damningly for Microsoft, that people still confuse Windows Mobile with Windows Phone, and thus don’t give it a second chance even if they heard “good things” about it. There still is a lot that needs to be done in this regard.

Of course, Tynan-Wood points out the app marketplace as a weakness, which is definitely true. 50,000 apps just doesn’t cut it, yet.

You can read the full blog post on Momster. Oh, and psst: Don’t tell her that Microsoft has released an Xbox Live app for iOS, ‘mkay?

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