Another scam app ripping off users in Marketplace


I must say, you have to to admire the chutzpah off scammers trying to sell built-in Windows Phone 7 functionality to users in the guise of an app from “the future”.

The app, called Stop Texting, by developer CACL, aims to address the texting while driving issue by offering “one of the best voice recognition programs” which has arrived from the future that is “so cool!”

All this is available for only $1.49 for the paid version or free with ads in a separate app.

It turns out however, as can be seen from the screen shots above, that all the app does is launch the messaging interface and encourage you to press the microphone. 

Other apps by the developer includes Ghost Finder for $2.99, so the developer, C Lankford, who also likes to post reviews for his own apps, is clearly used to scamming the gullible.

If there is one silver lining to this dark cloud, it is that the addressable Windows Phone market, of around 10 million users, must have become large enough to support these parasites.

Hopefully Microsoft can be convinced to do some house cleaning however.