Another Report Confirms That Microsoft Is Working On Couple Of 3D Touch Lumia Devices

3D touch

Late last year, The Verge revealed that two Nokia Lumia handsets will feature “3D Touch”, which is believed to be a gesture-based system which would allow users to scroll the web browser or move to the next music track merely by moving their hand above the screen. Last month, we came to know about the device Microsoft has been working on with the codename ‘McLaren’ that will feature 3D Touch. Today, Neowin reported that Microsoft is working on a 6-inch device that will also feature 3D Touch similar to McLaren.

Both these devices are expected to be targeted for this holiday season in the US with the announcement coming in October. Neowin also reported that Microsoft is looking to make 3D Touch as one of the main differentiation for premium Windows Phone devices. Check out the demo of 3D Touch from MSR after the break.

Source: Neowin

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