Another reason to buy – Samsung Focus has hidden screen shot capabilities


2, 2011


It is fair to say Apple understands the needs of the media a bit better than Microsoft, and therefore made the creation of screen shots one of the earliest features of their devices. Unfortunately Microsoft did not, leading bloggers and other tech writers to rely on clumsily taking low quality photos of the screen.

Now it seems Raphael Rivera, one of the creators of the phone unlock tool ChevronWP7, has discovered the Samsung Focus has a driver which allows screenshots to be taken.  It is quite possible we will see this app released for unlocked devices, which will give bloggers another reason to buy one of the most popular Windows Phone 7 smartphones to date.

While this would be great for Samsung Focus owners, we would beg Microsoft to release a utility which would allow all devices to do so, or else suffer blurry screen shots which will not show Windows Phone 7 in the best light, and which would discourage tech writers from writing about the OS and its apps.


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